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Susan & Charles – Outdoor & Studio Maternity Photography Session

Outdoor & Studio Maternity Photography Session

Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies. 

– Merete Leonhardt-Lupa

Fine art maternity photography session at Nemi

Pregnancy gives a woman’s concept of beauty a whole new meaning. It’s a time of unbridled joy coupled with excitement. The realisation of carrying a life within you is beyond the reach of any flowery adjective. As a woman, I feel it’s the right time to display the raw beauty that comes with motherhood.

Years later when you see your offspring grow, you will look back at those nine months with immense fondness. This is exactly what Susan and Charles were looking forward to.  We discussed  capturing the most cherished moments of their life through a personalised maternity photography session.

Despite the cold January weather Susan loved the idea of having a part outdoor and part studio session. Susan and Charles brought a fabulous selection of clothing and even managed to get changed behind one of the rather large statues we came across in the conservatory. All these quirky little moments added to the fun of their session and I hope left them with fond memories of the day. In saying that, there was a slightly more amusing moment when Charles saw a dog leap off a raised mound and almost land on top of my head. I saw nothing as I was busy capturing the below maternity portrait of Susan. The joys of photographing in public parks! It did sound funny though.

Outdoor pregnancy photography session by Nemi.

Remember, there are only a few months in your life when you are fortunate to experience the joy of pregnancy. Make those memories last forever with a professional maternity photo-shoot by Nemi. Contact me on 020 8991 5989 or 07740 866 964. If I am not available as I am in the middle of a session, feel free to drop me an email –

outdoor maternity photography session by Nemi.

All images by Nemi Miller of Moondance Photography London.