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Most Popular Maternity Photography Poses


Most Popular Maternity Photography Poses and Ideas


A trend started by a New York photographer Annie Leibovitz with her portrait of a pregnant nude Demi Moore in the 90’s, is now a well-established art form. This iconic photograph was featured on a cover of Vanity Fair and certainly got everyone talking.

Whether is a black and white maternity nude or a fun outdoor couple’s portraits, capturing this unique time in your life, is a must do for a lot of expectant mothers.

High-profile celebrity mums-to-be being not afraid to push the boundaries, prefer to have portraits of themselves which will be unique to them and their brand. Good on them! Beyoncé’s maternity portraits certainly got everyone talking about them and I would be hugely disappointed if she announced her pregnancy with selfie taken with a phone camera.


So, what are your choices if you aren’t crazy about having huge flower wreaths in your portraits but would love to have a modern and stylish pregnancy portrait?


  •  Studio portraits are the most popular with maternity nudes being requested at 99% of the sessions. That’s a lot of very brave mums-to-be out there!

  • Moving portraits or video portraits shot during your pregnancy photography session are becoming the latest must have.

  • Part studio, part outdoor sessions combine the best of both worlds. 

  • Catching on are also lifestyle outdoor sessions for those who prefer the great outdoors or perhaps shooting in their local park.

  • Some couples love to have some personal portraits captured at their home – another lovely idea.

Here is a selection of not only my favourite but also the most popular maternity photography poses mums-to-be request at their sessions.


Maternity Nudes

A tasteful maternity nude portrait is requested by 99% of mums-to-be who book a session with me.


Maternity nudes photographed at my studio.


Pregnancy nudes by Nemi Miller.


Couple’s Maternity Portraits

A lovely memento of anticipating becoming parents. Images are a mixture of artistic and more relaxed portraits.


mums and dads-to-be.


Maternity Drapes

Different styles of drape shots – still very popular due to the timeless look that can be achieved with them.


Maternity photography with drapes.

Flowing drapes maternity portraits.

Expecting Baby Number Two or More

Families are very welcome to participate in the maternity photography sessions.



Kissing of The Belly

Another timeless classic which looks great in colour or in black and white.


Pregnancy photography kissing the belly shot.


All About The Mum-to-Be

Some pregnant ladies do arrive for their pregnancy photography session by themselves. Some do the session as a surprise for their other half. Some are a family of just one. Everyone is welcome at my studio.


Modern classic pregnancy photography by Nemi. Feminine maternity photography by Nemi. Semi-nude maternity portraits.


Outdoor Pregnancy Portraits

Always fun with often having to wait for a passing cloud to soften the harsh sun rays.


Outdoor pregnancy portraits by Nemi.


Have been known to dodge the frost and rain too.


Outdoor maternity photography in Richmond Park.


Flower Crowns

These are becoming very popular and you get to keep your flower head dress after your session. Don’t forget to allow around a week to order one with your choice of flowers.



Flower crown maternity photography sessions.


Milk Bath Photography

I would love to have a bath at my studio however there isn’t enough space for one. Milk bath sessions take place at your home and a very tall ladder would be helpful too.


Milk bath photography at your pregnancy photography session.


Moving Portraits – Maternity Video

I am delighted to be the first and only photographer in UK to offer moving portraits from your maternity photography session. A lovely memento of your time spent at my studio or on an outdoor location.


All images ©Nemi Miller Photography