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Outdoor Maternity Photography Session

Outdoor Maternity Photography by Nemi

As many people know I am a predominantly a studio photographer who specialises in beautiful and timeless maternity photography. My large and welcoming studio in located in the leafy suburb of Richmond, West London and that’s where I create most of my maternity portraits.


On location

I  do venture out to client’s homes or on location in London’s many parks and open spaces. I love the challenges it presents:

The weather being one of the most obvious ones, then people and dogs in the background and lastly the odd bug or two.

There have been days when we have to wait for a passing cloud to come over and take away the harsh rays of sun.

Other times we had to dodge the odd shower or two by hiding under the leafiest tree we could find.


With all those extra challenges I have found the outdoor maternity sessions tend to be a lot of fun. We laugh about having too much sun as we keep looking up to see if there is a big cloud coming over. We giggle when a small bug gets tangled in the maternity gown and tries to make it’s way up the skirt. We delight when the last rays of the day share their golden glow and leave long Autumnal shadows. One thing for sure, the outdoor maternity photography sessions still have the feel of the ones I shoot in my studio. They still feel like a portrait Nemi has created. Classic, modern and timeless.


The lovely fresh flower crowns can be pre ordered if you would like your session to have a unique and theatrical feel to it.

Part studio and part outdoor maternity photography sessions are now offered. Call Nemi to chat about your session on 020 8991 5989.