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Maternity Photography – ‘What to Wear’ Guide and More – Your Questions Answered

Maternity Photography 

Mums-to-be who choose to have a pregnancy portrait session seem to be at ease with their bodies and positively embrace their pregnancy. It is great to see a look of love, anticipation and hope beaming from their faces as they cuddle their bumps and to capture these genuine moments and emotions which in turn produce irreplaceable keepsakes. In this blog post I will go over some questions you may have about maternity photography.

When is the best time to book?

The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is when your belly is nice and round. This is typically in Months 7 and 8 although we say from 6 months onward. It is a personal preference however, I have ladies come to me in month 9! Always be cautious around this time as you just don’t know if the baby will decide to make an early appearance. If you are a first-time mother, you could more comfortably choose a date in Month 8. If you have already had a child, then I’d be safe and go with Month 7. Remember, everybody is different.

 As a photographer I am often asked ‘what should I wear to my photo session?” 

Your outfits will play a key role in the look of your photographs. Here are some tips for choosing what to wear at your photo shoot:

  • Choose an outfit that will accentuate your baby bump and which reflects your personality.
  • Simple, solid colours or stripes with a body hugging fit will look wonderful.
  • A bare baby bump always looks stunning.
  • You can also wear a front opening shirt and unbutton the shirt around your baby bump.
  • A big drape revealing your baby bump would look elegant.
  • Wear comfortable footwear, doing a photo shoot could get tiring.

Do you provide clothing for the session?

I have three maternity dresses and two tulle skirts (one in dusty pink and one in greyish lilac) as well as drapes in many colours to suit all skin types. All of these are very popular and provided for your session as most pregnant ladies have quite a limited wardrobe.

Can my partner, children or pets come along to the session?

Partners are very much encouraged and welcome to be part of shoot. If you already have children and would like to include them too, they are very welcome. Recently I have had some very well behaved pets too which included – dogs, cats and even a rabbit. 

Is the studio indoors or outdoors?

The pregnancy photography sessions are shot at my studio in Richmond or on location in one of the local parks. I also offer ‘urban’ themed sessions for modern couples. These look particularly great in black and white.

If you would like to experience both, part studio and part outdoor maternity photography sessions are now offered.

What happens during a session?

During your session in my studio there will be relaxing music playing in the background (or you are welcome to pop your iPod on). With many years of experience I have found a way of making the mums and dads-to-be forget that they are in front of a camera and feel as if they are in a comfortable hammock somewhere tropical and warm (at least that’s how I feel myself). White and cream drapes are very popular and provided for each shoot as most pregnant ladies have quite a limited wardrobe.

A large selection of organic herbal teas and Nespresso coffee (including decaffeinated) are also offered before the sessions begin. There is always a plate of biscuits which dads-to-be seem to enjoy very much.

Relax, enjoy and have FUN!!!!!

What to wear for your maternity photography session?

Below is a gallery with what to wear ideas for your maternity photography sessions.

If you are planning to come for a maternity photo shoot, don’t be shy about your growing body. Remember that you are growing a little human inside you and you look absolutely stunning. Feel free to give me a call on 07740 866 964 to discuss your shoot and it will be a pleasure to answer any questions that you might have. Alternatively you can email me on